Have you ever noticed that every time you look up medical symptoms on the internet you get the feeling that you might be about to die?

I do think most of the medical sites try to offer you good information but we as patients are too busy looking for the answer that best suits our mood. For example that bump on your arm it's probably a mosquito bite, if you look at an online medical site long enough you will have enough evidence to convince your spouse that your arm is pregnant and you are about be on the Dr. Phil show to explain how it happened.

What does all this have to do with bacon?

Well I was perusing WebMD, a favorite site of mine, and I came across the Bacon Quiz.  I was expecting the quiz to tell me why loving bacon was oh so wrong. It turns out taking the quiz is a must for the bacon lover in all of us. You will find some healthy tips and learn a lot about my favorite breakfast food in the process.

The Bacon Quiz will challenge your intimate knowledge of bacon. Do you know what part of the pig bacon comes from? Do you know how many calories are in a slice of bacon? Do you know when humans first started eating bacon? Take the quiz and challenge your friends to do so as well.

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