I'll be honest, I never tried using a fake I.D. when I was youngster. But if I did use one I would actually have had a picture of me on it, not a cartoon character! Apparently the latter could work!!

That's exactly what happened in England recently as a teen used a fake I.D. with a picture of Bobby Hill from the cartoon King of the Hill on it, to purchase booze at six stores. This was all part of an undercover operation by the county council trading standards in Nottinghamshire.

More than half of the 22 shops tested either served the teenager alcohol without asking for identification or accepted the fake I.D. The kicker? The I.D. showed his age as 17!

A total of seven stores failed to ask for identification and six checked his false ID card but still sold him the alcohol.

The council is urging all businesses who wrongly served the teen to adopt the Challenge 25 policy when selling age-related products. Basically anyone who looks no older than 25 should be carded.


Now how about you, did you ever use a fake I.D.? Come on, spill it. (It's ok, we won't tell.)



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