Compared to the carnage Mother Nature has inflicted on my flower beds and gardens the past few winters, last winter wasn't so bad. We only had some minor issues with plants and frost damage because we only had a couple of days of really cold weather last winter.

This winter has been more of the same. Well, it had been more the same but it looks as if the Arctic Blast is heading south and should arrive in Acadiana by Sunday. Forecasters are suggesting that afternoon high temperatures on Sunday will be in the middle 40's. That following a rainy Saturday and the passage of a strong front.

By Monday morning you and I could be waking up to ice on the windshields, frost on the plants, and the need for things that are warm and fuzzy. Forecasters believe Monday morning temperatures could be well below the freezing mark.

The good news is that the freezing temperatures should not last very long. In fact, after a chilly Monday and Tuesday, we should be back our more seasonable temperature range for the balance of the coming week.

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