A Nashville woman who had traveled to Memphis for a doctor's appointment got a spike in her blood pressure as she woke up in her hotel room with a snake crawling on her.

Melinda Major said she was staying at the Hampton Inn Walnut Grove in East Memphis when she woke up Friday morning and felt something moving across her arm.

"I looked over and it was a snake," she told WHBQ television station.

She then did what most of us would have done, she flipped the snake off her arm. It landed on the bed and she called the front office.

The good news? It was simply a garden snake.

Major said the hotel sent staff right away to help her out the room and get the snake out.

"They did compensate my room, so they took care of me. They were very nice to me," said Major.

She says she won't rule out staying at another Hampton Inn down the road.

(I bet she's lying!)

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