This Saturday afternoon and evening downtown Lafayette will be filled with sunshine, people, and connoisseurs of Jose Cuervo. It's the annual Maracas in May concert and celebration. We like to think of Maracas in May as the gateway to Cinco De Mayo.

While many of us will be in Parc International at 5pm to enjoy live music from Ray Boudreaux, Soul Creole, and  the world renowned Wailers, others will be there for tequila. Jose Cuervo is the name that comes to mind  first when you mention tequila but besides enhancing your ability to celebrate like you're south of the border. Tequila also has additional uses which just might surprise you. The folks at Mental Floss, actually found a lot more than five uses in their story that inspired this story.

1. Tequila can be used to ease the symptoms of the common cold. As late as the 1930's medical professionals in Mexico would prescribe a blend of tequila, agave nectar, and lime juice in equal proportions to ease cold symptoms. According to Mental Floss the tequila helped the body rest. The agave nectar reduced bacteria and soothed the throat. The lime juice added vitamin C. " Take dos and call me when you wake up".

2.Tequila can be used to make synthetic diamonds. Y'all be careful here, there is science coming your way. Researchers discovered that if you combined the heated vapors of 80 proof tequila with a stainless steel or silicon substrate you could create a diamond-like film. This film could be used as an insulator for electrical connections or to create a synthetic diamond. So next time you go out to buy your Jose Cuervo, just tell the little woman you're headed to the jewelry store. She will have no problem with you going.

3.Tequila could be the next great Bio-Fuel. Okay, let's be a little more exacting in our statements. The agave cactus from which tequila is distilled could be the next great bio-fuel. We know the potent chemicals and sugars that are contained in the agave. It grows in the desert so it can be mass produced without taking up food producing farm land. It's not a product that is grown for food. It sounds like a win win win if you ask me. I'd have to admit I'd rather get stuck behind a bus that smelled like a margarita that diesel fumes.

4.Tequila is a great colon cleanser. Alright, let's stop the immature snickering about Montezuma's Revenge after six too many shots. The fact of the matter is this, the blue agave, the  plant from which tequila is derived can actually help with your colon health. The properties of the plant make it an excellent delivery source in getting other medicines to the colon and lower G.I. tract. Many pharmaceuticals are using compounds derived from blue agave to help in the treatment of IBS, Chron's Disease, and even cancer.

5.Tequila is a natural sleep aid. So is a hammer if used in the right way. Just kidding, don't try the hammer, try the tequila. Obviously too much tequila will put anyone's lights out, but a 1.5 ounce shot right before bedtime actually stimulates the body to relax. Researchers found that the sleep induced from this small amount of tequila lead to restful night's sleep. There was no nasty hangover effects in the morning either.

There are some other great advantages you and your body can derive from proper and responsible  use of tequila. Some studies indicate that tequila can help lower bad cholesterol and even enhance the treatment of diabetes. When you think about it, it's a natural medicine that we just happy to enjoy socially. So be responsible, have fun and here's to your health.

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