Shopping has to be on the top of my 'things I love to do' list. Sales and clearance are even higher up. This is why Black Friday is a holiday in my book.

Aside from all of the commotion and people playing bumper baskets, the sales are incredible. It really works well for me being as I am fresh out of college and don't have the finances to spend a ton of money.

Black Friday allows me to get the gifts for Christmas that I want to buy and I know my loved ones would really like, at prices that I can afford. I get very excited about saving money and there was one sale in particular that had me jumping for joy.

Two words: the mall. It was a mad house. I went later in the afternoon which was apparently everyone's prime time so I was quite worried about being able to find what I really wanted. I needed specific items of clothing and I headed for one clothing store in the mall that I knew would have what I was looking for. I needed to get winter gear for my sister and my best friend wanted jewelry so I was on my mission.

The first thing I came across was a pair of sweatpants that were normally $25 or $30. They were on sale for $12. As I made my way to the back of the store, I saw a sweatshirt that I knew my sister would love. It was around $38 and was 70% off. The neat part was walking into the jewelry section and finding that the items I needed were only $4.

By the time I made my way to the register, I had everything I needed and got my total. Turns out, I ended up spending less than that cute sweatshirt was for everything! Yes, I did a happy dance in front of everyone. I hope they got a good little chuckle out of me because I surely made myself giggle.

What was your favorite Black Friday deal? Did you get everything you were looking for? What was your favorite store to shop?

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