A Federal Judge in Texas has ruled that state's law regarding gay marriage is unconstitutional. That same judge issued a stay after that ruling to allow time for appeals. Those appeals will be heard in New Orleans at the 5th Circuit Court and the decision that is reached there would most likely impact Louisiana's ban on gay marriage.

Speaking with the Louisiana Radio Network legal analyst Tim Meche offered these observations,

"If the 5th Circuit rules that the Texas law prohibiting gay marriage is unconstitutional, Then it would be equally unconstitutional in Louisiana."

The battle over the rights of same sex couples to be granted the same liberties as more traditional couples has been slowly working its way through the legal system.  Louisiana currently defines marriage as a union between and man and woman. If the Circuit Court upholds the Texas ruling it is almost a certainty that Louisiana's law would face a similar scrutiny in the legal system. Tim Meche commented that while many believe it's a religious issue, in the eyes of the legal system it can't be.

"Obviously they can't say it's for religious reasons because that would be patently unconstitutional. They've tried to say marriage should be reserved for promoting childbearing,But we don't prevent infertile couples or couples in their 70s and 80s from getting married."

Meche's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. The ruling from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to come at anytime now.


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