Oh, the gamesmanship of college football. Part of being a good college program is energizing your fan base. I think LSU Coach Ed Orgeron does about as good a job of that as any coach in the country. For example, look how Coach O got the Tiger fan base all hot and bothered about being hot and bothered this past weekend.

This past Saturday, while LSU was whuppin' the Texas Longhorns in Austin in college football allegations, surfaced about a lack of air conditioning in the LSU locker room. In fact, LSU Coach Ed Orgeron told the media there was no A/C to help keep his players cool in the Texas heat.

That prompted athletics officials at the University of Texas to launch an internal investigation. The results of that investigation, complete with air flow charts of the stadium HVAC system, showed the air conditioner was on.

According to the investigation results, the thermostat in the LSU locker room was set at 68 degrees. The average temperature in the locker room during the game averaged between 72 and 73 degrees.

Hopefully, this will put to bed any ill will that may have been raised by the allegations of air conditioner-gate and band-gate. You know about band-gate right? A lot of LSU fans were upset that the Tiger Band was placed in seats so high at Memorial Stadium in Austin that they had to duck every time the International Space Station flew by.

I guess we'll see how much of a grudge LSU can hold against the Longhorns since the two teams are scheduled to meet during the 2020 college football season in a game scheduled for Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

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