I stumbled across a website last night, www.thatsmyface.com, that initially freaked me out a little. The more I started clicking around the site though, I immediately started getting ideas for Christmas gifts that no one could ever forget!

The folks over at thatsmyface.com can turn you or someone you know into an incredibly realistic action figure, 3-D portrait, mask or 3-D paper origami mask. Honestly, it's the stuff nightmares are made of, but how awesome would any of these make for a gift?

I always have a hard time thinking of what to get people. Now, I would never burden or frighten anyone by giving them a mask or action figure of my big dumb face. But, a custom, super realistic mask or action figure of themselves or their kids would truly be a one of a kind gift!


I don't see it on the site, but I wonder if they could do pets.

Now, I admit, this might be a little creepy to some folks, but once you get past the initial chill down your spine, I think you'll see how cool this is. It can get a little pricey as well, so you'll definitely want to choose wisely when picking how many of these you want to give out.

Head over to thatsmyface.com to check it out.

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