It's no secret that we Louisianians love a cold beer. It's always beer-thirty somewhere down here. The question is, what Parish rises above all the rest in the state when it comes to knocking a few back? The overwhelming majority are all in South Louisiana.

The folks over at have compiled the list of "The 10 Drunkest Parishes In Louisiana". Too compile this list, they took the percentage of adults who admit to binge drinking, and the number of bars per capita for each parish.

Iberville Parish takes the number one spot due to 23% of adults reporting excessive drinking. They also average 8.69 bars per 10,000 people. The bad news is 35% of driving deaths in the parish were caused by drunk driving.

Below are "The 10 Drunkest Parishes In Louisiana". Do any of these surprise you? For the statistics on why these Parishes landed on the list, head over

10) Terrebonne Parish
9) St. Tammany Parish
8) Orleans Parish
7) Vermilion Parish
6) Ascension Parish
5) Lafayette Parish
4) West Baton Rouge Parish
3) Red River Parish
2) St. James Parish
1) Iberville Parish



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