Barbie, Raggedy Ann, even the Cabbage Patch Kids they all have their endearing qualities. It's the loveable looks or the ready for action poses that get kids attention.

Back in my day the dolls the  girls wanted were  Kitty Carry All and Mrs. Beasley. You would have to be of a certain age to remember that Kitty was Cindy Brady's doll from the Bray Bunch and Buffy never went anywhere without Mrs. Beasley on the TV show Family Affair.These dolls were cute, loveable and the kinds of toys that kids could love.

I would be willing to bet many little girls and grown men would run screaming if they found the doll in this video in their attic. I don't know whether it's the creepy voice or the Exorcist like head spin(Caution: Scary Stuff) but both would give me reason to run. Watch and see what you think.

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