When we think of haunted places around Louisiana, obviously New Orleans is the first place that comes to mind. However, there's a haunted legend, "The Lady In White" just a little to our West, and it's in a pretty unlikely place.

You'll find "The Lady In White" over in Lake Charles at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

According to visitlakecharles.org "The Lady In White" is a woman named Elsie. The legend is that Elsie was a "jilted bride who ended her life by walking off a long pier which used to be just about where the theater is today."

Makenzie Chesson tells klpctv.com that she saw the Lady in White when she was in middle school about 10 years ago.

MaKenzie explains her experience to klpctv.com -

"We were all standing here on the stage, all the lights were out, and all of a sudden I looked up and I saw this lady in a white dress just walking across the balcony. I looked at my friend and I said please tell me you see this, please tell me you see this, and she said, Kenzie, I don't see anything but light. So I was like, okay, I must be going crazy."

Have you ever heard of "The Lady In White"?



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