You don't think of yourself a potential killer do you? Good, I was getting scared for a second. Here is the honest truth, a good number of us don't know how to drive! Sure we can make the car go backwards and forwards but the kicker is quite a few of us don't know, remember or recall the basic rules of the road. It's been a while since I studied the Louisiana Drivers Manual and unless your 16 I bet it's been a while for you too.  Want to see some statistics that will make you think twice about leaving your driveway?

Did you know the answers to some of those driving questions? I must admit I was foggy enough on some of them if I was traveling at 35 mph I don't think I could have made the right decision in time to stop. What would you think about making ALL drivers retake a written drivers test every time they renew their license? I think it would only make us better drivers and therefore safer drivers. I welcome your comments?

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