Yeah, story is a big hot bowl of WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?????

I had never heard the story of Bobby Jindal witnessing an exorcism while he was in college. I really wish I would have heard this story before. At least I get to know about it now. If you're unfamiliar with the story, you can read excerpts and more below.

The story is that Bobby Jindal witnessed, and participated in an exorcism of his college friend, Susan.

A pair of producers couldn't resist putting song to Jindal's story, that he wrote about the exorcism and published in 1994. New Orleans resident Brian Welsh and his Denver-based partner Chris Chiari are the two that want to turn this thing into a rock opera. You just might know the name Brian Welsh.

Welsh was the campaign manager for adult film star Stormy Daniels when she ran for a Senate seat against Senator David Vitter.

Chiari has stated that the rock opera isn't going to be an anti-Jindal piece.

It's a love story more than anything. It's more about a story about a young man's inability to love. An ability to love or inability to love another person can play a role in how we look at the world.

What Chiari is talking about is in Jindal's piece, besides the "guttoral screams" coming from Susan, and "taunting the evil spirit" that was in her, Jindal talks about Susan being lovestruck, and how frustrated she was because he was emotionless.

Chiari said the key theme to the rock opera is compassion.

Compassion, the ability to at least imagine standing in someone else's shoes, and the ability to do that in an open-minded way, Chiari said. How you process that information is unique to each of us and it's affected by our life experience.

The show will focus on Susan and Jindal's relationship, or lack-thereof. The exorcism will be saved the for final scene.

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