Freedom, fireworks, barbecue, flags, and serious injury are all a part of America's celebration of Independence Day. How many of these 4th of July related questions can you get right? The answers are at the bottom. There is no cheating unless you are an elected official.

  • SlivikiShow via You Tube
    SlivikiShow via You Tube

    The Sparklers

    Often considered the "wuss" of any fireworks celebration sparklers can be one of the most dangerous. Here is your question.  How many list sparklers banded together would reach an equivalent temperature of a lit blowtorch?

    A: 3 sparklers  B: 25 sparklers  C: one thousand sparklers

  • Smileus, ThinkStock
    Smileus, ThinkStock

    The Fireworks

    We love to watch them. We love to shoot them. Here is your question, What country is the leading supplier of fireworks to the United States?

    A: China  B: Japan  C: USA

  • Tom Pennington / getty images
    Tom Pennington / getty images

    The Flags

    We salute it, we stand by, it it is our nation's flag. Here is your question.  What country is the leading importer of United States flags?

    A: Canada  B: Mexico  C: Cuba

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    The Law

    While fireworks are banned in many cities across Louisiana they were once illegal in the United States. Here is your question. What year did shooting fireworks to celebrate July 4th become legal in America.

    A: 1777    B:1812    C: There is no national law.

  • FikMik, ThinkStock
    FikMik, ThinkStock

    The Food

    July 4th is synonymous with backyard cookouts and picnics. Here is your question. It is estimated that 155 million of these will be cooked and consumed over the holiday weekend. What food is it?

    A: Hot Dogs   B: Hamburgers  C: Briskets