Hello my lovely Dawg peeps! I have a funny story for you and it is about the hassles and troubles that come with traveling- specifically flying. If you have ever flown or dealt with Airlines in your lifetime, then you have most definitely experienced the frustrating nonsense that comes with it. I could sit here and type all day because I have several stories about traveling-gone-wrong with my family, but today I will tell you what happened Dec. 26, 2012.

As you may know, there has been winter weather chaos happening all over the majority of the U.S.  Certain areas of the South including Dallas, Texas had a cold, white Christmas this year. I am all for snow and the cold, but not while I am trying to get home safe and sound, and if there is one thing I am familiar with it is airplane delays. I do believe my family has been cursed with the spell of unlucky traveling. We have no family here in Louisiana; therefore, we always have to fly when traveling. For years and years my family and I have dealt with 5 + hour delays, missing flights, and even being bumped from seats.

Even though all five of us had to sit in a middle seat, the flight to California was fine; but the way back home yesterday was not fun at all. Once we arrived at the airport we were told that our flight was delayed which would cause us to miss our connecting flight. As our spirits were already falling, we then received better news that we were being put on an earlier flight which would give us enough time to jump on our connecting flight. I was excited I was assigned an aisle seat, but once I realized I was sitting next to a PDA (public display of affection) couple for three hours, my frown quickly returned. Believe me folks, this was PDA turned up to the max.

We eventually arrived in Dallas where our layover was only suppose to be 45 minutes, but then received more bad news that our flight may not be coming at all anymore due to the below freezing weather. With empty bellies and upside-down smiles, my Dad was contemplating renting a car and driving home. This idea sounded absolutely horrible to me and the rest of us. A five hour car ride was not how I wanted to get home. Fortunately, after a 2 1/2 hour delay we boarded our plane where we sat parked for another hour while the plane's wings were being de-iced. We finally and safely arrived home around 9 pm. with our luggage.

The joys of traveling...



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