If you had a party, went to a party, or just had your own fiesta to celebrate Super Bowl LIV, you probably spent way less money on snacks than you would have if you were at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Now, it always makes me so mad when event venues jack up the prices of concessions, parking, and merchandise when a special event rolls around. And if you remember Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta last year, they made it very clear that they were trying to keep costs down for concessions. A burger at that game was only $5, incredibly. (And good for you, Mercedes- Benz Stadium)

But this year, sadly that was not the case. According to USA Today, concessions for the Chiefs - 49'ers game were through the roof. Which makes me feel a little bit better about spending all that cash for homemade queso and guacamole that I took to my neighborhood Super Bowl party. Check out some of the outrageous prices for concessions at yesterday's game below. And BTW - just because you can screw someone on prices doesn't mean you have to. #justsayin'

  • Hamburger -$16
  • Personal Pizza - $15
  • Bucket of Popcorn - $15
  • Double Cocktail - $24
  • Chicken Sandwich - $14
  • Hot Dog - $9 - add cheese, $3
  • Nachos - $9 - add cheese, $3
  • 32 oz Soft Drink - $15, with free refills
  • Glass of Wine -$13
  • Canned Beer, Domestic - $14
  • Canned Beer, Imported - $15
  • 19.2-ounce can of premium beer - $18
  • Basic Cocktail - $18


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