If you like to travel and you like to travel and save money then you probably know that booking a hotel on line is a great way to get a bargain. What you may not know is what the hotel isn't telling you on their website. Here are some easy "tells" that the hotel you're about to book is not going to leave you as a satisfied customer.

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    Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    What's Missing From The Picture?

    Sometimes the best clues are the most obvious. If a hotel is proud of its lobby or its rooms it will proudly show you pictures of those amenities. If the only shot you see of a room is a wide angle shot or the picture of the lobby seems to focus on the artwork, chances are they are trying to hide something from you. 

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    Harry Benson/Getty Images

    Check The Reviews But Be Wary Of The Responses

    The internet was made so people could vent their frustrations. So an unpopular opinion about even the finest hotel is almost the norm. However if you notice in Yelp reviews or other non-biased review sites there seems to be a backlash to a negative review then chances are the people who run the place are not happy campers. That means they aren't really concerned whether you're a happy camper either.

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    Dave Einsel/Getty Images

    What's In The Description?

    A reputable hotel will dedicate a lot of adjectives to describing their rooms, their lobby, their bar, their pool, their housekeeping and all of their amenities. If the online description seems to focus on things around the hotel such as a nearby bowling alley or ferret museum you can take that as a clue this probably won't be considered luxury accommodations.

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    Hulton Archives/Getty Images

    Does The Actual Website Look Updated?

    We've all seen those sites online that look like they are straight out of the late 80's and the early '90's. The colors don't look right, the fonts don't look right, the whole vibe of the site seems to feel old and musty. Chances are if their leading tool to communicate with their potential customers is old and outdated so is the physical property.

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    Brian Kersey/Getty Images

    Did You Check For Bedbugs?

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