Let me think back to the year 1969. It was the year that man landed and walked on the surface of the moon. I think there was a rock and roll festival called Woodstock that some people remember. We were also getting our first look at something that would later grow into what we would call the information superhighway.

This video describes some of the great fingertip features that having a computer in your home would allow. It also shows us just how out of touch we were with reality back in the late 60's. I don't think my kids even know what a dial up modem sounds like. They have only known DSL and Cable modems in their young lives. I guess if you are a kid of my generation you are probably still wondering what happened to the flying cars? Don't you remember they promised us flying cars and robot maids by the year 2000. The only good thing I can actually say with confidence about this Internet of the 1969, it worked a hell of a lot better than Windows Vista did 40 years later.

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