Maybe you knew this, and maybe you didn't, but back in 1997 Prince played The Plaza on Johnston St. in Lafayette. Yes, PRINCE. Up until now, the gig has been the subject of local myth. The venue only held about 1,000 people, but it seems like everyone and their cousins were there the more you ask around. It's gotten to a point where many people question if it ever really happened at all. Well, question no more...

Below, Plaza owner Shannon Wilkerson tells the legendary story of Prince's 1997 surprise show at the Lafayette Plaza night club following Prince's Cajundome concert.

Oh, it happened, and the story is greater than we could have ever imagined.

For those of you who are too young to know, or for those who may have forgotten, The Plaza was on Johnston St. in the shopping center with Firestone and Dollar General.

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