Today I came across another creepy Louisiana legend I had never heard of. Louisiana has so many of these, I doubt I hear of all of them in my lifetime. The story of voodoo priestess Julia Brown, sometimes called Julie White, is a pretty good one. You're in luck because recently, camping areas have opened up in the Maurepas Wildlife Management area that are only accessible by boat. Sure, this is also where the Rougarou lives. but it seems he might be the least of your worries.

Julia Brown, also sometimes called "The Big Bad" was a voodoo priestess who lived in the community of Frenier at the turn of the century. She reportedly wasn't the friendliest of neighbors to the folks living in the Manchac swamp area. She is said to have basically just sit on her porch all day and give people the evil eye as they past by. / maps / maps

People also called her an Oracle and said that if bad things were going to happen, Julia already knew about it.

Her final and most terrifying prediction came in 1915. Julia was heard over and over again saying that she was going to die soon, and that she was going to take the whole community of Frenier with her.

Well, Julia Brown's prediction came true and she passed away. As the local residents put her body into the ground, the infamous and deadly "New Orleans Hurricane of 1915" ripped through the area. This hurricane was a strong Category 4 with 145 mph  sustained winds. This storm killed 275 people, and basically wiped out the Frenier community.

Today, many people report hearing a woman's screams through the Manchac swamp at night, and some report hearing her singing her deadly prediction "One day I'm gonna die, and I'm gonna take all of you with me.”

Do you have any stories about Julia Brown? If so, let us know!



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