Valentine's Day is right around the corner and no doubt roses will be given to loved ones across Acadiana. But how many should you give?

Teleflora has a guide for you. That's right. The number of roses you give apparently carries a specific meaning which you may have not realized.

Here you go:

  • One rose is meant for early on in a relationship and means love at first sight.
  • Three roses represents a shared love and should be a one-month anniversary gift.
  • Six roses symbolizes passion and infatuation.
  • Ten roses says you believe your love is perfect.
  • Twelve roses is perfect for Valentine's Day and means "be mine."
  • Thirteen roses means you just want to be friends. (huh?)
  • Fifteen roses means you're sorry.
  • Twenty-four roses is like shouting "I'm yours!"
  • And forty roses means your love is truly genuine. (And that you have a lot of money! haha)

So there you go. All this time you've been sending your honey roses and had no clue you weren't sending the right amount!

Happy Valentine's you love birds!