What is the most devastating loss is the history of the New Orleans Saints?

Well, every fan will have their own pick, and some will be vastly different than others. After all, there are plenty to choose from.

For me, the answer is easy. It's one that still makes me shake my head in disbelief, even today, but one that also helps me to appreciate the good years even that much more.

The year was 1983, and the Saints went into their last game of the year, facing the Los Angeles Rams, with an opportunity to secure the first winning season in franchise history, as well as the first playoff berth.

Both came in with identical 8-7 records. If the Saints won, they were in the playoffs. If the Rams won, they would need help to reach the playoffs, which they eventually got.

The Saints led, 24-23, with under 2:00 to go, and had the Rams pinned deep in their own territory, at the 5-yard line.

Los Angeles quarterback Vince Ferragamo gave his team an opportunity however, completing 6-of-7 passes, for 70 yards, and setting-up a 42-yard field goal attempt by Mike Lansford.

Lansford kicked the ball just inside the left upright, handing the Saints my most devastating loss in franchise history.

That kick was only the sour exclamation point on a crazy game, and year, however.

In that Saints/Rams game, the Rams didn’t score an offensive touchdown, and the Lansford field goal was the only offensive points Los Angeles scored the whole afternoon. The Rams intercepted two Ken Stabler passes, and returned them for touchdowns, returned a punt for a touchdown, and scored on a safety.

I mean, really?!?!?

Again...the Rams scored 20 defensive/special teams points!

I was waiting all week, all year, and really, all my life for this game...this moment...and they allow 20 non-offensive points?!?!?!

Heartbreaking, and frustrating, to say the least.

It may have been he only loss by one of my sports teams that made me physically ill!

To make matters worse, of the six losses that the Saints had in ’83, six of them were by a touchdown, or less, and in five of those six losses, the Rams finale included, the Saints actually out-gained the opposition, in terms of total yards.

Oh, and did I mention that the Saints/Rams game took place exactly week day prior to Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!

It was a day I'll never forget, and it was a kick I'll never forget.

It was, and always will be, in my opinion, the most devastating Saints' loss

View the nauseating kick by Lansford, below:

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