In the good ole United States of America, we love paying tribute to our past. We have monuments and statues and sculptures and many more other wonderful structures to tributize our legacy.

Some of it can be a bit much. There might even be some weirdness to it all.

The good folks at Yahoo salute such uniqueness. They've put together a list of the wackiest monuments, landmarks, headstones, and statues in all 50 states.

For example, in Alabama the nod goes to "The Lady in the Lake".

The Lady in the Lake
Enchanted Castle Studios, Facebook

Head to Missouri and they apparently have an affection for large pecans.

World's Largest Pecan

Now, what about the great state of Louisiana you say? Well, according to Yahoo, you don't even have to leave Acadiana to find the most ridiculous landmark.

They chose the empty-head blind statue that sits in front of the courthouse in downtown Lafayette! (Yeah, it is a bit weird.)

Empty Head Statue
rosemike, Instagram

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