(I posted the question "What are the most underrated restaurants in Acadiana?" online, and I put this list together with those answers.)

When so much of what we do here in Acadiana revolves around food and so many people talk about food, it’s hard to imagine that there are restaurants we have yet to find. Hidden little gems that aren’t flashy, or maybe even well-known restaurants in cities you don’t frequent.

This list is about both of those. When the question of “What are the most underrated restaurants in Acadiana?” was asked, I think that people realized I wasn’t talking about the well-known, well-established restaurants like Tsunami, Charlie G’s, La Pizzeria Lafayette, or iMonelli. When you walk into any of those places, customers have high expectations and are rarely let down.

Most of the restaurants on this crowd-sourced list I have heard of, but there are a few in which I’ve never stepped foot. Don’t laugh, but I’ve never been to the original Cajun Claws in Abbeville (and I’m FROM Abbeville!). I’ve never been to the Yellow Bowl, Cajun Table, or Bus Stop Bistro, either, but after reading some of the comments, I must put them on my list.

Now, here is the crowdsourced list, in no particular order, of some of the most underrated restaurants in Acadiana according to those who responded to the question online.

Most Underrated Restaurants in Acadiana


HONORABLE MENTIONS (There were so many comments on the crowd-sourcing post that I couldn’t do a complete write-up on all of them. Here are some of the other restaurants that people thing are underrated.

Bon Creole  Bosco's  Fuji Sushi  Rachael’s Café  Tante Marie  Cafe Habana City  La Cuisine de Maman  Ema’s  Creole Lunch House  Sandra’s Health Food  Noah's Café  Toot Toot's  KK's  Osaka  Patacon  Namwan  Bon Temps Grill  Jalisco Mexican Grill  Amore's Pizzaroma  Thai With Love  Oishi Sushi  Royal Curry  Noodle House  Poseidon’s  Acadiana Poboys   Norbert's Restaurant  Hot Food Express  Fat Pat’s  Gateway Café  Khan Mongolian Grill  Athena Express  The taco stand in the gas station at the roundabout at Ridge & Rue DeBelier

There. That should keep you busy for the next few months.

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