If any of you have a YETI Cooler, you know they are worth the big bucks. They are strong, efficient, and your beverages will never get warm. I stumbled across an interesting video and have to ask you one question - would you ever bury a loved one in a YETI casket? 

I thought this video was a big, fat joke until YETI's Facebook page had a link to their website displaying a starting price of $4,114.  Would you consider burying a loved one or pet inside YETI's tight-suctioning contraption? If you have a hunter of fisherman in your life, they may not mind being buried in this outdoorsy construction.

I'm not so sure about a human being, but I wouldn't mind burying my pet in a YETI casket. You may think I'm crazy, but think of all of the wild inventions in this world. If we can charge automobiles in our garage and laser hair off of our bodies, we can certainly transform coolers into caskets.

If you had to invent something, what would it be? The options are limitless!



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