Breaking News, according to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero the NFL is appealing Deshaun Watson's 6-game suspension.

Brian McCarthy who works in PR for the NFL stated that Commissioner Roger Goodell will determine who will hear the appeal. But basically, the decision will come down to him because the NFL's rules state that an appeal will be processed on an expedited basis and the commissioner can overturn, reduce, modify or increase the punishment that was previously issued and the new decision is to be final for everyone. However, the NFL PA has two days to respond to this appeal.

Remember that Deshaun Watson said that he and the NFL PA would bring this to federal court if Goodell tried to suspend him for a year. And according to Aaron Wilson of Pro Football Network Goodell is seeking to suspend Watson for the full season.

Just when we thought the Deshaun Watson saga was over were right back in it again. And look personally I feel he deserves at minimum a year suspension if not alot more. If that is what Roger Goodell is doing then this is the first time the NFL put a victim first in these types of situations.

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