Deshaun Watson has been the most controversial player in the NFL in recent years. The 26-year-old quarterback was drafted in the first round by the Texans in 2017. His career looked promising as he led his team to couple of playoff runs and was even selected to a few Pro Bowls.

All that came crashing down in March of 2020 when 24 women came out and accused Watson of sexual misconduct that ranged from inappropriate touching to forced oral sex. The incidents reportedly took place at the Texans spa and facilities.

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Tony Buzzbee, the Houston lawyer who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the women, originally pressed for criminal charges. A grand jury would later decline to indict Watson on any criminal charges in March of 2022. This would open up the door for Watshon to be traded to the Cleveland Browns where he would sign a 5-year $230 million contract.

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Fast forward to today, those 24 allegations have now been filed as civil lawsuits along with 6 other lawsuits bringing the total to 30. Watson and his team of lawyers had a hearing in front of Judge, Sue Robinson, in early June and have been waiting a decision since.

Ian Rapport reported earlier today that it is likely we hear a decision from Judge Robinson later this week.  It has been speculated by many that a suspension is going to be very likely, but how long? The exact length of the suspension is not known, but many think it could be for the entire 2022 season. If a year suspension is the verdict, Watson and his team plan to fight it.

Watson and his team have come out stated that if he is indeed suspended for an entire season, that they will sue the NFL. Watson and the NFLPA say they are planning to take the NFL to federal court if a year-long suspension is handed down.  Many experts say that if Watson and his team do decide to go this route, it will be a long a difficult process. So, don’t expect the Watson drama to stop once Judge Robinson gives her ruling.

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