*** Some of the language and terms used in this video are quite explicit ***

Parents, you do not know what your kids are doing with their cellphones. I am a parent of two teenagers and I don't know either. I want to trust my kids but then I remember how I was when I was that age. You can only trust them so far right?

This video is a news report that examines how quickly texting can to sexting. What used to be reserved for innocent notes passed between kids in school is now almost and in some cases pornography.

Do you know who your kids are sending text messages too? You probably know most of them but do you know what they are texting? I challenge you to walk up unannounced and take the cellphone from your child's hand. They will pitch a fit and the bigger the fit the more reason you need to examine what is happening with that not so innocent device.

Does your child have an app called Snapchat? This application allows a person to send a photo to another person. The difference between Snapchat and a normal picture is the Snapchat photo allegedly disappears after only a few seconds. This makes this application perfect doing only one thing, sending pictures you don't want to come back and haunt you later. The  problem is these Snapchat photos can be saved and they are being saved.

What a lot of teenagers don't understand about sending and receiving illicit pictures is this. Child pornography laws are pretty serious stuff. What might seem to be a "fun" picture sent by a friend can lead to real life jail time if they are underage.

As stated in the video, you wouldn't give your 16 year old unlimited and unsupervised use of a car, why would do the same with a device that could ruin their reputation and their future?

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