In my mind when I picture what heaven will be like I know there will be a bountiful buffet. I just know the Good Lord will have field peas and fried catfish on that endless line heavenly goodness. Can you tell there is a spiritual connection between food and eternal happiness in my mind?

One of my other hoped for favorites on "Heaven's Buffet" would be bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. The BLT takes me back to my childhood with every bite.

We always had home grown tomatoes during the summer months. We even grew our own lettuce in our backyard garden. The bacon? We got that from the A&P down the street. When my Mom would combine those three magical ingredients it was as if the creator from above had reached down from paradise to make me lunch.

I was sharing my passion for the BLT sandwich with Chef Jill McCoy while we were visiting about the flood this past week. She expressed her concern for all of you and was hoping and praying that the damage wasn't too great. She also mentioned that Louisiana people are tougher than a bus station steak.

We also spoke of the comfort that food brings in our lives. That's when I proceeded to enlighten Chef Jill on my personal journey to nirvana via the BLT. I'd like to think she created this recipe for me. I know it's really for you. When times get tough you find your comfort where you can. Maybe this great recipe will take you back to a place where the water isn't high, the carpets aren't wet, and the threat of tropical system in the future is not real.

A great sandwich always starts with the bread. In this case Chef Jill uses whole wheat and toasts it. The tomatoes are vine ripened and sliced thick. The lettuce she chose was romaine. I normally would use iceberg but I am from the country and don't know any better. If the bacon is not thick sliced then you might as well not even try to make a sandwich with it.  The highlight of this sandwich is the fried egg and the avocado.

I will tell you this. It's messy to eat if you've done it right. So put the paper towel roll right there on the table and dig in.

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