On March 21 in downtown Lafayette thousands of people will gather together to stand up to an awful enemy. That enemy is breast cancer. The event is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Acadiana.  You need to be a part of this event.

We're all aware of breast cancer. Every October the pink ribbons come out, our favorite football teams where pink gloves, pink just takes over the color scheme of the national landscape in awareness of breast cancer. In March something similar happens, that's when the Komen Race for the Cure takes to the streets. We put on pink, we lace up sneakers, we sign up, we show up, and we think we're done.  We are not.

While being a part of the race is big, raising for the race is even bigger. That's where the power of 10  comes in. We are asking each of our Dawg listeners who signs up to support the Komen race to also raise for the cure. We want you to ask 10 people that you know for $10 in support. That $100 donation will go to pay for a mammogram for a lady that can't afford one. Think of it as asking ten friends to help you save someone's  life. Because that's what you're doing.

Another thing you're doing by supporting The Race in Acadiana is helping out Miles Perret Cancer Services, the Breast Center of Acadiana, the Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic, Southwest Louisiana Primary Health Care Clinic and Iberia Comprehensive Community Healthcare Clinic. You see your Komen support stays here at home. You are literally helping a neighbor.

Whether your support of the Race for the Cure is monetary, a combination of time and money, or a sincere response to a personal mission I thank you for being a part of this event. My big sister, Linda, succumbed to breast cancer in 1996. It is very personal for me. Unfortunately I know cancer has touched your life too. Let's make it quit. Let's Race for the Cure on March 21 and give to the power of 10.


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