Have you ever wondered why we never see Hank Williams Jr without his sunglasses on, or Slash without his top hat? Us too! We have uncovered some fascinating stories behind the trademark looks of some very famous and eclectic musicians, thanks to Cracked.com, and we wanted to share them with you. I know you've been losing sleep over this, so here we go...


  • Slash - The Rock n' Roller's top hat, wild hair, and sunglasses are a direct result of his anxiety performing before an audience. Yes, it's simple stage fright.
  • David Bowie - having eyes that are two completely different colors (heterochromia) is kind of mysterious, and cool. But the real reason behind this classic look is because of a fight in high school where he got punched in the face, and left him with a permanently paralyzed left pupil.
  • Michael Jackson - the much imitated silver glove is a definite eye catcher, but he really used it to simply cover up a skin condition, vitiligo.
  • Hank Williams Jr - the full beard, sunglasses, and cowboy hat are all used to cover up facial injuries from his fall off a mountain in 1975.
  • Chuck Berry - the famous duck walk was conceived when Berry was a kid, and trying to just make people laugh, and not even while he was performing.
  • Sinead O'Conner - the infamous shaved head was a fashion statement that was implemented to protect her from unwanted advances in a male dominated music business.
  • Bono - his signature sunglasses are worn because he, like a lot of folks, suffers from Glaucoma.


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