We all know how much Lafayette is a foodie town. But when it comes to eating out, do you actually branch out and try more than about the same three restaurants?

Maybe this list can help. It's from TripAdvisor. Using their users' feedback, the following are the top 10 restaurants in Lafayette.

  1. Zea Rotisserie & Bar
  2. Bon Temps Grill
  3. Dean-O's Pizza
  4. Pamplona Tapas Bar & Grill
  5. Louisiana Crawfish Time
  6. Charley G's Seafood Grill
  7. T-Coon's Restaurant
  8. Johnson's Boucaniere
  9. Don's Seafood
  10. Blue Dog Cafe

I'll admit, this is a solid list. And I'm proud to say I've enjoyed at least one meal at each of these places.

Now, don't think there aren't about 97 other fabulous restaurants in the Hub City.

If you look at the rankings starting at 11 and moving down, you'll see just as high ratings for a good stretch. So just know this is not a real definitive list.

However, it is a great start if you have some out-of-towners that you're trying to entertain and show them what a great meal tastes like. Peruse the list, throw a dart, and head out for a fabulous meal in Lafayette.

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