What is the wackiest achievement by a New Orleans Saints player in team history?

Understand, that while this achievement might be wacky, it is still very impressive.

As a matter of fact, this may be one of the more underrated things ever accomplished by a Saints player.

Rich Szaro, a place kicker for the Saints for four seasons, from 1975-1978, is the man responsible for doing something I'll never forget.

What did Szaro do?

In 1978, his last with the Saints, Szaro was limited to four games because of an injury.

That injury occurred during a game in which Szaro, a left-footed kicker, hurt his kicking foot.

The injury made kicking with his left foot on his next attempt impossible, so he actually kicked his next attempt with his right foot, before fullback Tony Galbreath kicked the remainder of the game.

The injury limited Szaro the remainder of the year, and hurt the Saints, as they went through a number of other kickers, including Steve Mike-Mayer, John Leypoldt, and Tom Jurich.

But yes, Szaro scored with both feet in the same game, becoming probably the only player in NFL history, and certainly the lone Saints player ever to do so.

Bet you didn't know that!

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