It's the time of year when I start my Christmas shopping. By starting my Christmas shopping I mean acknowledge that in about a month I will actually have to begin the process of securing gifts for my loved ones. 

I will then wad  them up, the gifts not the loved ones, in some brightly colored holiday themed paper and place this package beneath a dead tree I have displayed inside my house.

Let's face it, I am a man. For me to do any Christmas shopping before December 20th would require forfeiture of my man card. 

All that being said, I know a lot of you need help in the holiday hints department. So here is my suggestion to those of you who have any ladies on your list. Touch-screen gloves. That's the suggestion, gloves that allow the user to have the warmth of gloves and still make contact with their precious hand held communications device.

Every woman I know has cold hands, it's hormonal. Every woman I know loves to text and post thoughtful and insightful Facebook status updates. I think that might be ruled by the hormones as well. If you give a gift that warms her hands and allows her to pass judgement on Facebook at the same time, you will be a hero. If you choose the right color and size that is.

I  found it to be quite interesting how Touch-screen gloves work. They don't have holes in the tips where the fingers stick out, they have technology. The gloves operate off the body's own unique electrical charge. This charge is transmitted to the touch screen device via very fine metal threads that are sewn into the gloves. The metal could be stainless steel, copper, or silver.

And just to show you that I am not the sexist S.O.B. you think I am, they do make them for men as well. Okay they make them for men who use lotion and hair products. A real man puts his hands in his pockets and can wait until he is inside to send a text.

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