Have your inner child grab a seat, because this just might blow his/her mind! It is the largest 'dish' of jello to ever be created. Being in a pool, this naturally begs the question "Can you swim in it?"

The answer is yes. That leaves us with another question: "Why hasn't someone thought about this before?" Well, many have tried, but it turns out creating a giant in-ground cube of gelatin is easier said than done. Previous attempts have come close, but as you can see here they usually create something that isn't solid all the way through.

That is until Mark Rober came along and showed everyone how it's done. See, it's very hard to boil and then refrigerate several hundred gallons of gelatin, but a combination of engineering, teamwork, and perfect weather conditions led to this monstrosity.

If you're curious about the location shown in the video, here is a map with state lines included. They staged this somewhere Southeast of the Great Salt Lake, which he claims is the "perfect location".

I'm so JELLOus.

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