The world's youngest astronaut-in-training is 18-year-old Alyssa Carson from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Business Report did a profile on Alyssa, currently a freshman at Florida Tech (Micro-biology major), explaining that she was accepted into a prestigious program at 15.

(she was) the youngest person ever accepted into the prestigious Advanced PoSSUM Space Academy. While there, she became certified in applied astronautics, allowing her to do a sub-orbital research flight and journey into the cosmos. - Business Report

She's only 18, and she's already taken a sub-orbital research flight? That's pretty cool! She's also given TED talks and has designed luggage that will be fit for use when man travels to Mars. In fact, she hopes to be carrying her luggage when SHE steps foot on Mars.

Alyssa encourages other young people to visit museums and space camps and the like if they are interested in pursuing a career in space exploration. Alyssa, we hope you go far!

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