If this isn't a hoax or a case of misidentification, then what the heck could this be? Whatever was caught on these thermal imaging cameras is 9-feet-tall.

On or before June 25, 2021, the Pentagon will release an unclassified report to Congress outlining what they know about UFOs and other unidentified aerial phenomena. While that doesn't mean the report will have anything to with aliens, it is kind of crazy to think that's actually going to happen.

Taking that into account, and considering the brain squeeze of a world we've been living in over the past couple of years, is it really so crazy to think that these Australian researchers have recorded thermal videos of a couple of Bigfoot? Wait, would it be Bigfeet because it's plural? Maybe Bigfoots? I don't know, just follow me here...


7NEWS Australia Via YouTube


Dean Harrison, head of the Australian investigation tells coasttocoastam.com his team used "specialized camera equipment used by the group picked up heat signatures that appear to correlate to a pair of nine-foot-tall creatures."

Harrison says if it weren't for the thermal imaging cameras, he and his team would have never known the two 9-foot-tall creatures were even there.

Before watching the video below, you should know if you don't already that in Australia they call Bigfoot Yowies.

7NEWS Australia Via YouTube

You can read more over at coasttocoastam.com.

What do you think? Did they capture a thermal video of Bigfoot?


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