Time and time again when I talk to people visiting from out of state I hear "Wow. What's going on with all the pretty people down here?" My usual answer is that the heat sweats the ugly out. I think that might be a proven scientific fact, maybe. The gang over at movoto.com has compiled a list of the "Sexiest Places In Louisiana", and here's what cities made the list and why.

Movoto.com used factors such as nightlife, lingerie stores and hotels per capita as well as average Summer temperatures. Hot climate tends to mean less clothes I guess. They also looked for adult entertainment per capita. Things like strip clubs, burlesque shows etc.

Crunching the data mentioned above, they examined cities in Louisiana with at least 10,000 people and came up with "The 10 Sexiest Places In Louisiana".

1. City of New Orleans
2. City of Houma
3. City of Mandeville
4. City of Sulphur
5. City of Hammond
6. City of Lake Charles
7. City of Gretna
8. City of Lafayette
9. City of Slidell
10. City of Alexandria

Well, there are a couple on this list that were a surprise to me, but I'll keep my thoughts to myself. What did they have to say about Lafayette?

Not only was this place sexy, it was also a little classy. Yes, there were many nightlife options, and sure, there was some adult entertainment to be found, but there were also high-end lingerie stores, nice hotels, and even many massage parlors. The best stat here was probably that high number of lingerie stores per capita that we mentioned, the 10th most in the state.


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