The folks at know a thing or two about words, and they are a great resource for not only spelling, but the definitions of words too. So when they decided to publish a list of insults that need to make a comeback, I thought I should share, because they are so darn funny!  Some of them are from other countries, some of them are from as far back as the Victorian era, but they are all hilarious. I guarantee that none of your social circle will have any clue that they are being insulted, unless you tell them. Have fun with these, y'all!


  • Gobermouch - an old Irish saying for someone who likes to get in other's bussiness
  • Gnashnab - someone who complains all the time
  • Snoutband - someone who interrupts conversations to contradict the person who is talking
  • Stampcrab - a leadfoot, or clumsy person
  • Scobblelotcher - lazy person, or one who avoids hard work
  • Whiffle-Whaffle - someone who wastes a lot of time
  • Zooterkins - shout this at someone after they have insulted you
  • Zounderkite - idiot
  • Bedswerver - an adulterer
  • Fopdoodle - someone of little significance
  • Klazomaniac - someone who can only convey their thoughts by shouting



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