Authorities in Franklinton Louisiana are looking for the person or persons who broke into a compound where the civilian vehicles of Louisiana National Guardsmen were parked. The fenced in area is where the Guardsmen who were away on training thought their belongings and vehicles would be safe.

Franklinton Police are working in conjunction with the Louisiana National Guard to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Louisiana National Guard. Maj. Justin Brown told the Louisiana Radio Network that he believes the thieves simply hopped the fence and took advantage of the situation. The Guardsmen were away on training in Slidell at the time of the break ins.

While they’re out doing that and their property is at this location, somebody takes it upon themselves to go damage that property and steal from them. So it’s an unspeakable crime. It’s disgraceful.

Among the items that were stolen from the parked vehicles were electronics, personal weapons, money, and other personal items.

If you were wondering, the parking compound does have security. There are regular security patrols of the area.

It’s surrounded by fence on all sides. All the gates were locked. So whoever gained entry had to jump the fence and circumvent the security that they had.

There are security cameras installed at the exits and entrances to the parking facility. The video from these cameras will be scrutinized for clues. However, since the facility is still under construction there is not a complete network of security cameras watching the entire parking lot.

Franklinton Police are asking for your help in solving the crime. Any information on the incident should be reported to Franklinton Police.