We live in a very unique and wonderful state, and one that folks from all over the world love to come to visit. Our food, our music, our art, our culture, are all things we hold dear to our hearts.

Only in Louisiana found some every day things that we who are natives can relate to, but maybe not anybody else. See how many of those you are shaking your head 'Yes' to below, (and by the way, I've added in a few of my own personal favorites!) Isn't it awesome to live in the great state of Louisiana?!

  • We give directions in time, not miles
  • We know what shade 'K&B' purple is
  • You've started the day with the heater on, and finished up with the air conditioner on
  • You've stopped worrying about how your hair looks on humid days
  • We know we've got friends in any crowd when someone screams out 'WHO DAT!'
  • LSU fans bleed purple and gold
  • We know how to pronounce words that end in 'eaux' or 'aux'
  • More than likely you grew up on or around the water
  • You can identify a staggering amount of 'critters' that are native to our state
  • We never get used to cockroaches or love bugs
  • You were puzzled to find out when you were young that not all states have 'parishes'
  • You feel sorry for people who don't have boudin and cracklins available
  • You don't understand why Mardi Gras isn't a national holiday
  • We get excited about 'festival season'

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