Living in the south means we look at things differently, and we don't care who knows it, we are happy to represent loud and proud! We are proud keepers of the flame, and the folks at Southern Living are letting the world know about things that only southerners know... up until now.

  • Regardless of where you went to school - college football rivalries are everything
  • Tea is always sweet, and served over ice
  • Honey, Sugar, Dumpling, Pumpkin, and Sweetie Pie don't actually have anything to do with food
  • Everything delicious is fried, or in a casserole
  • Talking to strangers in public is considered good manners
  • Barbecue doesn't necessarily mean it's cooked outside, but it is slathered in tangy slow cooked sauce
  • An inch of snow can disable a whole state
  • It's always polite to hold a door open for someone, even if they are 20 feet away
  • Tailgating means getting dressed up in your finest, especially in team colors


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