Atlanta Magazine has a hilarious and very telling way of determining how much of a southerner you really are. Questions like "Own a Johnny Cash Album?' and 'Ever made biscuits from scratch?' are only a sample of things that most of us here in Louisiana take for granted.

Check out the quiz from Atlanta Magazine, and be honest, y'all! Be sure to let us know how many you can say 'Yes' to. Oh, by the way, I am aproud Southerner, and that's a 'yes' and 'yes' to the above questions for me!

Some of my favorite questions are below.


  • Is your name Jim Bob?
  • Do you know what potlikker is?
  • Which of the following have you put in a mason jar? Fireflies, moonshine, flowers, preserves, sweet tea
  • Have you ever worn a tie (guys), or pearls (girls) to a football game?
  • What do you do with the grease left in the pan after frying bacon?

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