My, my how things have changed. We hear that all the time, and sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes it's not. So I thought I'd take a look back at some subjects that weren't usually talked about in polite company, but now its OK. Even in the south! Thanks to AARP for the list.

  • Marijuana - cannabis, weed, pot, whatever you want to call it, it's now legal in several states, and you can even purchase it with a credit card these days.
  • Menopause - so accepted nowadays that there's even a hit musical about this womanly condition. 'Menopause: The Musical' is hilarious, BTW
  • Intimacy in Nursing Homes - yes, senior citizens can and do have sex
  • Online Dating - you don't have to hide it anymore. It's a completely acceptable way of meeting someone
  • Sex Toys - it's a $15 billion dollar a year industry, so SOMEBODY is using them.
  • Single Motherhood - solo parenting used to be swept under the rug, but no more. And even single dads are embraced these days.
  • Balding - bald is beautiful!
  • Botox - you've probably even been invited to a Botox party. No need to hide this anti aging trick anymore
  • Infertility - hiding the fact the fact that you are struggling to have kids is so yesterday. There is help everywhere, so embrace it
  • Salaries - although you don't have to hide how much you make at your job, just don't post it on social media. Be smart, people.

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