The Classic Country Saturday Night show will be on the air tonight following the Saints and The Seahawks playoff game. It's Acadiana's largest cocktail party because just like a good party the music is what everybody wants to hear. If you'd like to get your request on the show, I suggest you make your request right now.

There are so many great stories in country music that every Saturday we try to share one of them with you. Today we're remembering Roger Miller. Roger Miller records were always playing at my house growing up. One of my favorites of his that I remember as a kid was "You Can't Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd". The title suggests a lot of whimsy but the message of the song is simple. You can be happy if happy is what you want to be.

Perhaps Roger's biggest hit was a song that I bet you can sing. "King Of The Road" told the story of living life on the road as a hobo. It was a simpler time and I don't bet that Roger didn't experience that life at sometime in his life.

A couple of his other signature tunes were recorded on this day back in 1964. "Dang Me" and "Chug A Lug" were recorded at the famed Bradley Film and Recording Studio in Nashville on this day 50 years ago.  While Roger Miller's songs may have had what appeared to be simple lyrics, the thoughts behind those lyrics were rather complex. Maybe you could request some Roger Miller tonight on Classic Country Saturday Night and have a discussion at your house about the deeper meanings of one of Nashville's true pioneers.