On October 21, 1995 a group of friends and I piled into our cars and headed to Cajun Field for the Cajuns vs Pacific game. After partaking in a few libations in the parking lot we headed into the game. As we were entering, someone handed us some "97.3 The Dawg" paw-shaped fans. It was that very moment in time that my life had changed direction forever, and I had no idea...

If I remember correctly we left the game early because it was a blow out (Cajuns won 45-3). When we got into the car I asked my girlfriend to put it on the radio station we got those paw-shaped fans from. What we heard was nothing but dogs barking...Christmas songs.

Not knowing at the time that this is what's called "stunting" in the radio business, we looked at each other confused, changed the station and went on about our night.

The following Monday 97.3 The Dawg officially went on the air.

I took the picture below with a disposable camera while we were waiting for the game to start October 21, 1995. My girlfriend Jill is holding that 97.3 The Dawg fan.

What I didn't realize, is that picture was showing me my future.

Jill and I have been married 22 years now, have three incredible children together, one of which is a proud Ragin Cajun going to games just like his parents did in this picture. The guy sitting next to Jill in the picture is my best friend Roger. He was the Best Man at our wedding.

The picture was also telling me something else I absolutely never, ever saw coming...a career in radio, and a career here at 97.3 The Dawg.

Although I've only been here at The Dawg for a fraction of the station's 25 years, I've worked here at 1749 Bertrand Dr. for the past 23 years. Through all these years I've had the joy of watching The Dawg continuously, year after year, grow into the local icon it has become.

Probably the only questionable decision The Dawg has made in 25 years is asking me to work here in September of 2012, but we'll see if I can earn my keep.

Michael Dot Scott
Michael Dot Scott

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