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Thompson Square have a brand new song climbing the charts at country radio called "Country in My Soul," and they wanted to stop by the Taste of Country studio to play it for us and talk about what they have been doing since the start of the pandemic.

The dynamic between these two is amazing. You can totally tell they have been married over 20 years, and it's so fun to witness them ribbing on one another in a loving way and getting both of their perspectives on music and the industry as a whole. Keifer is the more outspoken of the two, and you can tell that Shawna does her best to keep him wrangled in. They have a son and were so delighted to talk about him. I could tell that anytime he came up, the two of them went right into proud parent mode.

One of my favorite parts of this interview starts at around the 13:30 mark. They're talking about getting into fights right up until the moment they take the stage, something that happens a lot.

"I remembering being on the Luke Bryan tour and we had this elevator that shot 30 feet up into the air and we're singing 'If I Didn't Have You,'" Keifer recalls. "I can't tell you what we were telling each other backstage and then we're up on this 30-foot riser ... singing this intimate song."

"I feel like we have more sweet moments on stage than we do those kind of moments," Shawna, who is forever trying to walk back her husband's more provocative stories, adds.

"Our last show that we did down in Louisiana, it happened to be the anniversary of my dad's passing," she continues. "Keifer knew I was having a difficult time that day. We got down to 'If I Didn't Have You' and we were looking at each and man, tears just flowed because I know he's always got my back."

Thompson Square are on a new record label now and were telling me how they went to this new label with two songs that they were thinking of recording and were shocked to see those same two songs on a list of songs their new label thought they should record. They said from that moment on, they knew they were in the right spot. Their love for not only the genre of country, but the lifestyle, is very apparent in both their new music and how they live their life, and these two are just a delight to hang out with and get to watch play live.

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