I know you're already done shopping but I found a few gifts that could possibly save you from getting grief from that one person who you forgot this year!

The best thing about these things, is that they aren't ridiculously expensive.

1. Gallium Metal

You're probably thinking, what the heck is this? Well It's a metal that melts at 85 Degrees and is completely harmless to you. If you hold it in your hand, it slowly melts into a liquid puddle, and then once you pour it onto a cooler surface it hardens back into a solid! Just, don't eat it.


2. Aerogel Sample Disc

This stuff is 96% air and is the least dense solid on earth. If you hold it, it looks and feels like you are holding nothing, and if you poke it, it feels like styrofoam. The special thing about this is that it's so sturdy and can withstand a 2 pound blast from dynamite, and also can withstand 4,000 times it's own weight. It is also known as the worlds best insulator, It has been used in trips to Mt. Everest, and actually had people overheat while using this!


3. Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

Alright, The name might be a bit misleading but this has got to be one of the neatest things I've ever heard of. These tablets temporarily change your taste buds so that you could taste something completely different from what you're eating. It makes goat cheese taste like cheesecake, and a lemon taste like a sweet candy. These things would be neat to try out with so many different foods.