According to her "Mom" Jeanie, the three-legged dog's motto is "four legs are overrated". It's that kind of positive outlook that once again has Jeanie in the running for a national award. Jeanie's owner, Lydia Crochet, says that Jeanie is a semi-finalist for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards.

Jeanie earned her nomination because of all the work she does in the community. The pup who had a deformed leg removed shortly after birth has not let the lack of a limb slow her down.

Jeanie and her pet parents are regular visitors to the hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries, and other places that allow pets around the Lake Charles area. While trained to be a therapy dog, Jeanie has actually become more of a teacher. Her lack of a leg helps teach the message of acceptance for those that are different.

Jeanie's handlers say that the message of acceptance is especially well received by children. She has gotten that message out through her own Facebook Page, two books, and stuffed animals. Proceeds from sales of the books and stuffed animals are often donated to local animal shelters.

Jeanie needs our help to win the award for which she is currently nominated. You can vote for her by visiting Jeanie's Page at the National Hero Dog Awards site. Voting will continue until July 18th.


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